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  • Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre®
  • ZenBodytherapy®
  • Authentic Movement
  • Contact Improvisation
teachers training

Methods: Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais® Method),  ZenBodytherapy®, Elements of Contact Improvisation,

To be used for:

  • Training to improve body consciousness
  • Personal development
  • Increasing flexibility and gaining ease in your movement
  • preparation for birth
  • Furthering your development in the artistic process
    (dance, theater, music, painting etc.)



  • Relieving tensions in your movement apparatus and improving motor skills
  • Supporting therapy for neurological diseases such as Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis
  • breathing problems
  • emotional and physical needs


Before each session there will be a conversation between the client and the practitioner to be clear on the goals, wishes and systemic conditions to decide on the methods being used. The talking is important for clarifying connections and understanding points of view. It is also helpful for integration and reflection of the healing process.


Bodywork is based on my training in Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® which in turn is based on the Feldenkrais® Method and applied to the field of systemical therapy. I also include my trainings and experiences in ZenBodytherapy® (connective tissue work), Osteopathy, applied Anatomy, and family constellations and councelling.


The bodywork specifically focuses on the individual client. In each treatment always the whole body is being addressed, with a different focus each time. i.e. shoulders, pelvis, feet. We view the body as a systemic, holistic part of a larger unit consisting of body, mind and spirit. Processes of awareness are carefully supported with touch, movement and conversation.


About Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (SIB):

In SIB we assume that human beings can change and improve their quality of life through the consciousness of movement. Through SIB we can experience how thinking, feeling, moving and doing can move together to develop a path from pain and restriction to most potentially developed freedom of movement.
In SIB we work on alignment, grounding, balancing, harmonizing and on the basic functions of the human organism such as laying, sitting, standing, walking, rolling, turning etc.


Origins of SIB

SIB brings together the knowledge and practice of the Feldenkrais Methode® with resource oriented and systemical-therapeutic methods. Especially the precise treatmentlectures of Univ. Prof. Alon Talmi, Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais oldest pupil, are the base for the method that Dr. Nurit Sommer und Gudrun Schreiner developed.


more about SIB: