Large Photo: © Nadja Meister
Small Foto: © Nadja Meister

Photos: © Cristi Serban

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Dance in Nature

EcoSomatics is an emerging interdisciplinary pioneer field in the USA and Europe, that has been growing since 2007. It connects and interweaves ecological consciousness, sustainability, dance and performing arts, body- and psychotherapy.



  • The art of sensing the inner body (soma) in connection to larger systems such as social- and community bodies, environmental and planetary systems.
  • The view of somatics is inseparable from ecological health and sustainability.
  • Body: bodyparts, inner/kines/outer Sphere, Bodysystems (joints, muscles, bones, organs etc.), qualities of touch, closed/ open eyes, peripheral vision
  • The practice of using somatic principles to facilitate and enhance sustainable work in the landscape, e.g. gardens, farms, village buildings.


The practice of ecosomatics heals the separation between mind, body, and earth by encouraging direct sensory perception of one’s body both in the natural environment and as the natural environment.


Deep ecology (1972 founded by Arne Naess, continued Joanna Macy) contains the concept of science, education and a way of life, which is based on the reciprocal conditioning and connectedness of all life on earth. As Einstein said, "We cannot solve our environmental and social problems through the same patterns of thought that created them." This is especially true for all sustainability issues. Therefore, an awareness process is needed through which we humans not only rationally understand the destruction of life on this planet but also learn to sense it again. From the point of view of my experience, this sensing is most effectively shaped through the access of movement and dance, working with the body and expressing positive, resource-oriented sustainability in our own system as well as in larger ecosystems.


We work with the Ecological Self: a Self that understands and accepts the wild parts of our psyche and that recognizes our fault in the environment without being overwhelmed by it.