large photo: © Nadja Meister
small photos: © William Frederking, Nadja Meister



The warm ups are a mixture of

  • Perception/ Visualization/ Awarenesswork,
  • Applied Anatomy,
  • Bodywork,
  • Release Technique and
  • elements of Limon and Kleintechnique
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Holistic Dance Technique

Holistic Dance Technique has developed over the years out of all of my trainings, resarches and approaches that I studied and that I was honored to experience.


From the Inside Out


We focus on the underlying muscles, on the „moving from the bones“, on the breathing, on the connection we find between bodymass, gravity and momentum. Individual alignment can be recognized and easiliy changed through focus, breath and the attention of staying within boundaries. Bodywork creates a physical and intuitive understanding of our anatomy, the connections between the skeleton, muscles and connective tissue, it allows us to let go of patterns and moves us into differntiated body awareness.


The choreography parts consist of release-based, organic movement material in which we keep the focus on the radiating qualities of the center: „from the inside out“. Sliding and falling, setting accents and going for the „flow“ of momentum. Gravity provides a springboard to move vertically and horizontally. Floorwork „happens“ as a result. All of this is enlivened by a bit of improvisation to keep the creative juices flowing.


Riding the Bones of a Tiger


In these classes we will focus on moving from the core.


Core can be defined as the center of our body, the moving middle, may it be in the lower or higher abdominals, may it be the center relating to gravity. As we move on the ground our core can be much more spread out, undefined so to speak, or even many centers at the same time. In aerial work and on the way in between we need a more detailed definition of center. Floating and defined at the same time. How do we transition from one to the other, does it ever stay the same?


Core can also mean the core tissues such as bones, organs, cells. We will relate to these structures through touch, imagery and movement developmental patterns. Bodywork allows us to explore and experience our inner structures, breathwork deepens our bodyconsciousness and sensitivity.


Riding the bones of the tiger also means riding the waves of our expression, our inner animal, using its power and archetypal forces. Combining this performance approach with technical material moves us into becoming a beautifully holistic, embodied dancer.