Large Photo © Nadja Meister
Small Photo © Sabine Parzer

Photo © Nadja Meister


  • Authentic Movement,
  • Contemporary Dance Improvisation,
  • Elements of the Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais Method),
  • Elements of Dancetherapy,
  • Elements of Bodymindcentering® ,
  • Selfexploration in Nature and in the Studio
teachers training
Authentic Movement
Intensive Training
With Martina Mückler
and Sabine Parzer

A professional, in-depth Authentic Movement training with contemporary danceimprovisation and bodywork.


This training is aimed at artists, therapists, dance pedagogues, movementtherapists, people in related professions who would like to integrate AM into their work, and anybody who would like to deepen their practice of AM.


Authentic Movement (AM) is a method originated from dancetherapy used in dancepedagogy and psychotherapy as well as in different artistic processes. It offers an insight and experience into deeper layers of our self, new possibilities of developing our physicality, exploring and integrating emotional states and the possibility to honour spiritual aspects of ourselves through movement.


Authentic Movement (AM) is a practice of listening and moving from inner impulses, images and stories. 



  • to experience the depth and lightness of Authentic Movement (AM) in a consistent group over a longer period of time
  • to learn the various structure of moving
  • to learn the various aspects of witnessing
  • to learn the various possibilities in transition time
  • to differentiate the various professional applications of AM
  • to experience and develop a peer group in AM
  • to develop a personal approach to AM which can be integrated into one’s own professional context
  • to receive individual counselling and supervision

Starting in the Fall of 2018 we, Martina Mückler & Sabine Parzer, will be offering a series of AM Trainings/ Retreats

Authentic Movement Training: Change, Release & Inward Space

From 2019 these four dates can be booked as single events or as a whole set:

  • 24.-28.7.2019
  • 30.10.-3.11.2019
  • 28.5.-1.6.2020
  • 22.10.-26.10.2020