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  • Authentic Movement (dancetherapy)
  • Contemporary Danceimprovsiation
  • Bodywork based on Systemischer und Integrativer Bewegungslehre®, an extended Feldenkrais® Method
  • Movementdevelopment
  • Hatha-Yoga
  • Selfexloration in the studio and in Nature
teachers training
Authentic Movement Plus Training

We, Martina Mückler and Sabine Parzer offer:


professional education and trainings for psychotherapists, dance-,art- and movementtherapists, pedagogues and people who would like to work with Authentic Movement in a professional context.


If you are interested in organizing a this one year Training Program please contact us, for open trainings look here: Dates


One year Training program "Authentic Movement Plus" pdf


  • Develop a link between the subconscious and conscious body
  • Further a persons ability to embody and express their life experiences
  • Help to grow people fully into their creative and professional potential
  • Establish forms of nonverbal communication
  • Clarify and sharpen verbal communication skills
  • Develop an attitude of non-judgment towards themselves and others
  • Learn to trust ones body
  • Develop new bodyimagery, selfawareness and selfacceptance

You will experience:


  • the depth and lightness of Authentic Movement (AM) in a consistent group over a longer period of time
  • the various structure of moving
  • the various aspects of witnessing
  • the various professional applications of AM
  • a peergroup in AM
  • a personal approach which can be integrated into one’s own professional context
  • indivual councelling and supervision