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Open Workshops

Dancing is expressing yourself, ...


moving, sounding, playing, meeting yourself and others in a safe and sacred space, being the way you are; dancing through and accepting shadow aspects of ourselves helps us to recognize and support potential, to develop and try out new ideas, to go into contact with somebody else and to stay connected to ourselves at the same time.


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  • Open Bodies Moving - Contact Improvisation
  • Tonus Awareness - or how to be clear and soft in Contact Improvisation
  • The 3Dimensional Dance - Center and Spirals in Contact Improvisation
  • The High Art of Contact Improvisation - Technique and Composition in Contact Improvisation
  • Riding the Bones of the Tiger - Release Technique
  • Relational Structures - Release Technique and Applied Anatamy
  • Authentic Movement Plus – Authentic Movement, Improvisation & Bodywork
  • Nature Inside of Us – Holistic Dance in Nature
  • Subtle Connections/ Sublime Beings - A Somatice Approach to Improvisation
  • The Breathing Body – Improvisation, Contact and Somatics


Coteaching with Martin Keogh

  • West Coast Style - Contact Improvisation
  • Beyond Partnering - Contact Improvisation for Advanced Contemporary Dancers


Coteaching with Ray Chung

  • Tensegrity and the Architecture of Relationship - Contact Improvisation and Somatics
  • The creative Arc and the upward Spiral - Contact Improvisation and Composition