Large Photo: © He Shao Hui


teachers training

Open Workshops

Trainings for Teachers and professional Dancers

  • Anatomy of Touch
    Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Somatics, Applied Anatomy, scientific texts, creative writing, and composition- teachers/ professional only
  • Radically Intimate
    Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance Improvisation Authentic Movement, Somatics, Applied Anatomy, composition, scientific texts, and creative writing - teachers/ professional only



  • The Golden Arc - Dynamics of Teaching Improvisation
  • Anatomy of Touch
  • Somatics in Performance and Pedagogy
  • Life and Death of a Dancer – how to stay healthy as a professional dancer


Release Technique

  • Riding the Bones of a Tiger
    Release/Holistic Dance Technique - Open level/ intermediate- advanced level
  • Relational Structures - or how to dance your Ass off and not get exhausted
    Release Technique and Applied Anatamy - Open level

Contact Improvisation and Improvisation

  • Rooted Exuberance and Structural Arcs 
    Technique and Composition in the Contact Improvisation Practice - Intermediate/ advanced
  • Tonus Awareness or how to be clear and soft in Improvisation
    Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais Principles, Bodywork from different Methods, Applied Anatamy - For all levels
  • Open Bodies Moving
    Contact Improvisation - Open level
  • Breath Body Contact
    Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Improvisation, Somatics, Feldenkrais based Bodywork - Open level

Dance in Nature

  • Dirt, Stone, Wind and Butterflies
    Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Improvisation, Authentic Movement - Open level