large photo: © Nadja Meister
small photo: © He Shao Hui

Holistic Dance:
In a safe and counseled environment holistic dance and movement pedagogy can have healing and supportive effects on:


The physical body: development of the movement apparatus, improved heart
circulation, training of the subtle motor aspects, improved space orientation


The emotional body: better self-esteem, development of consciousness about an
inner life, coping with/accepting and recognizing difficult emotions such as rage, fear, helplessness, channeling of deep and euphoric emotions


The human consciousness: relationship to a larger organism / system, question / answers to life / death issues and other important issues, such as relationships, occupation / job, parenting

teachers training
Dancing is …

expressing yourself, moving, sounding, playing, meeting yourself and others in a safe and sacred space, being the way you are; dancing through and accepting shadow aspects of ourselves helps us to recognize and support potential, to develop and try out new ideas, to go into contact with somebody else and to stay connected to ourselves at the same time.



The Institute for Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy is a place of development for holistic dance and movement. Holistic dance and movement pedagogy is the combined study of different methods and forms of conscious dancing and touch within the concept of the "healing arts".


Healing Arts is an area in the arts that focuses on the self-healing aspects of expression, movement, touch and interaction. Methods are derived from of the area "performing arts", as well as elements of dance therapy, information from somatical practices, neuropsychology, applied anatomy and other related fields. Furthermore dance is our teacher. Through dance, conscious movement and expression we enter a space where we allow ourselves „to be the way we are right now“. Needs, wishes, fears, desires and dreams can dance their way to the surface in a safe, counseled environment. Without judgment and analysis we can experience ourselves in a new way. Technical aspects of the methods support (according to the focus of the training) the physical movementdevelopment, but are always embedded in a holistic process.


Holism is a point of view that sees the smallest part in the entity and the entity in the smallest part. Like a single cell, which contains the entire DNA (genetic information) of the body and at the same time performs a specific function in the organism, so is the organism a larger system that immediately changes when a single cell changes. Cell and organism are not separable from each other, communicate with each other, are there for each other and serve a common larger purpose.