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The Advanced Teachers Track is a format that focuses on the individual development and maturation of each Holistic Dance teacher. Independence, professional experience and commitment are prerequisites for supporting an Advanced Teacher in this setting.

  • advanced pedagogical contents taught

  • supports client-oriented processes

  • stimulated and implemented the identity clarification of the Holistic Dance Teacher

  • Structures, content, organization and implementation clarified

  • Topics related to the teaching of the different groups of participants at the respective levels of experience in greater depth

  • instructed concrete exercise settings and research structures

In a group of no more than 8 participants within a period of 8 months, the participants may draw on the entire scope of the Holistic Dance Pedagogy, experience detailed individual support for their own professional development and develop their full potential as a holistic dance educator.

Prerequisite: Completion and Certificate Teachers Training + Completion and Certificate Embodiment Training

  • October 2023 - April 2024, 4x2 day modules and 3 online sessions


    € 1200.00/1400.00

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Advanced Teachers Training No. 2