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authentic movement plus
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Authentic Movement (AM) is a method originated from dance therapy used in holistic dance pedagogy and psychotherapy as well as in artistic processes. It offers insights and experiences into deep layers of the inner body (Soma) and psyche, new expressions and abilities for the physical body (Physis) and the explorations and integration of its interconnections.

Authentic Movement (AM) is a practice of listening and moving from inner impulses, images and stories, of developing a non-judgemental view of Self and others and attending to a language, which is mindful and experienced based.  We also honour spiritual aspects of ourselves through movement

There are two roles: the mover and the witness. The mover has a set amount of time where he/she moves, dances, listens, voices and interacts with closed eyes. He/she can freely choose where his/her sensations and movements take her/him into the dance. The mover is seen by a single person or a group of witnesses, who in turn are tuning in into their own inner sensations, impulses, feelings, stories and images. 

In the sharing, both the mover and the witness exchange these inner sensations verbally free of interpretation. There are simple, but specific guidelines how to use language in the sharing.

Authentic Movement Plus is an extended form of Authentic Movement developed over the last ten years by Sabine Parzer and Martina Mückler. AM plus includes the practices of:

  • Bodywork, Somatics, Applied Anatomy

  • Contemporary Dance Improvisation 

  • Elements of Dance Therapy 

  • Dance in Nature

  • Non- Violent Communication 

  • Painting & Crafts

  • Creative Writing

Authentic Movement Plus as used in a healing and self-exploration settings can:

  • Develop a link between the unconscious and conscious body

  • Further a person’s ability to embody and express their life experiences 

  • Help to grow people fully into their creative and professional potential

  • Establish forms of nonverbal communication 

  • Clarify and sharpen verbal communication skills

  • Develop an attitude of non-judgment towards Self and others

  • Learn to trust one’s body

  • Develop new bodyimagery, selfawareness and selfacceptance

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