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Podcast Charlie Brittain

Charlie Brittain (UK) is a dramaturg whose passion lies in empowering others to take ownership of their practice and champion their values through dancing. His practice is distilled through his work as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and rehearsal director. Charlie continues to perform internationally with dance companies, independent projects and in collaboration with other artists alongside his choreographic work, which looks to the processes and innate wisdom of the body as a vehicle for learning and a means to extrapolate compositional and improvisational methods. He is a sought-after rehearsal director and choreographic facilitator working across a range of artistic environments and ventures as well as a passionate teacher, regularly invited to lead classes and workshops for dance companies, educational institutes and festivals worldwide. Charlie integrates his art with his practice as a bodyworker, sports rehabilitator, musculoskeletal health specialist and integrative health practitioner, specialising in the treatment, rehabilitation and education of dancers and movement practitioners as well as lecturing and examining on higher education and professional training programs in the U.K. and Europe. He remains active in frontline pre-hospital care with emergency ambulance services.

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