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Authentic Movement Plus Embodiment

27.-29.1.2023 Weekendworkshop

  • Beendet
  • € 240.- / TT's 190.-
  • Prana Yoga Studio, 1070 Wien, Mariahilferstraße 82,


Authentic Movement (AM) is a movement practice where we honour our inner impulses, a practice of encountering Self and others, seeing and being seen in a nonjudgemental environment. AM allows us to "touch on" our inner body, to perceive ourselves in motion, in touch and expression. It helps us to explore deeper layers of our Self, to find new ways of expression in dance, with the voice and with colors and to live an organic spirituality in the here and now. • How do I perceive my BodyMind in movement? • How do my inner sensations move me into expression? • Are there wishes/ longings about my development? • Can I let go of old patterns of judging/ experiencing my body? • How can I integrate embodiment in my daily life? • How can I accompany myself within my Self with body and voice? Price: € 240.- / TT's € 190.- (C) Olga Berdikyan



Tanzfabrik Berlin, Möckernstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

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