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Authentically Intimate

27.12.-31.12.2024 - 5 day Intensive

  • Beginnt am: 27. Dez. 2024
  • €540.- / TT's €440.-
  • Samdrubling, Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse, Wien, Österreich

Freie Plätze


Sabine Parzer with Christian Findeisen, assistance: An exploration through dance, movement and touch focusing on internal and external factors that allow for intimacy to arise, stay and show in dance and daily life. What conditions can we create as dancers for ourselves and others to open the doors of honesty, courage and expressivity? What is needed in order to create safe and explorative containers? How can my dance, my artistry, my resourcefulness, my style, my candor, my performance quality be influenced by this quality of intimacy? We will work with and deepen research material from Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance Improvisation Authentic Movement, Somatics, Applied Anatomy, composition, scientific texts, and creative writing. - Clearly setting and relinquishing boundaries - Intimacy with self, place, and other - The relationship between sensuality-sexuality in the dance context - Performance as act of radical Intimacy - The intimacy of acrobatics - Riding the tiger – surrendering to the ecstatic dance Price: € 540.- / TT's € 440.- (Advanced Teachers Training Module € 550.-) Overnight stay in the studio for € 15.- / per night possible. This seminar is open to everyone with basic experiences in movement, dance and/or bodywork. This module is also a part of the Advanced Teachers Training (Module Intimacy).

Bevorstehende Sessions


  • Dzogchen Gemeinschaft Samdrubling, Wien, Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse, Wien, Österreich


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