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Coming home to the Body - Arlequi,Spain

13.-25.6.2023 - 13 day Dance & Embodiment Retreat Alicia Grayson & Sabine Parzer

  • Beginnt am 13. Juni
  • €1150.- / €950.- EB
  • Arlequi - Mas Llapart, Barri Sant Maurici, 17840 Camos / Girona, Spain

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In this 13- day transformational journey we invite the full range of embodied humanness to experience and express our greatest potential. We utilize the practices of contact improvisation, improvisational dance, authentic movement, bodywork, breath work, interaction with nature, language and ritual to support this voyage of coming home to ourselves through our bodies. We will explore the play between the acrobatic/subtle, active/receptive qualities of being and dancing. We open a space for healing and nurturing the unseen, unknown and secret places within the Self and celebrate subtle power, clarity and expansion. We use dance and related techniques to let the bodies speak, to physicalize content and to embody wisdom from within. Meditations and visualizations clarify our intent, bodywork and somatic investigations support our integration. We work with solo, partnering and group processes. The workshop is within a frame of the context of our larger lives and connects with deeper longings that yearn to be known and manifested. We will give tools and practices to take the insights and discoveries of the workshop back into our lives. We have 13 days all together. Alicia Grayson and Sabine Parzer have known each other since 2008. They have collaborated both in teaching and performing together. For the last 4 years they have co-taught week-long intensives in Europe. This seminar is open to anyone with basic experience of movement, dance and/or bodywork and will be held in English. Price: € 1150.- (regular) / € 950.- (early bird price until 20th of May 2023) same price also for the Advanced Teachers Training (Module Healing) TT price: € 1050.- (regular)/ € 850.- (early bird price until 20th of May 2023) 3x workstudy places: € 650.- Accomodation: sleeping on the deck: € 30.- euros a night sleeping in a double room: € 37.- euros a night food: ca. € 20.- / per day for organic home cooked food Check out our videos about the format: Short: Long: Location: Arlequi: The arlequi is housed in the Mas Llapart, a large former farmhouse built in the 17th century. The mediterranean coast of Spain can be reached in about 45 minutes by car.

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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