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Coming Home to the Body - Canada

26.8. - 8.9.2024 - 14 day Intensive Alicia Grayson and Sabine Parzer

  • Beginnt am: 26. Aug.
  • see Rhizome Springs
  • Salt Spring Island, Canada

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A 14 Day Dance and Embodiment Retreat: This 14-day transformational journey will support you in coming home to yourself in your body. You will join a group of other individuals committed to embodied transformation who are passionate about the artistic as well as healing aspects of movement and body wisdom and personal & collective evolution. We will dance, we will witness and be witnessed, we will attend deeply to ourselves and each other, we will laugh and shed tears, we will open to the mystery and soak in the supportive beauty of the natural world. Our carefully crafted container will support each of us to: - Further our personal embodied growth - Develop professionally especially for those working in the body/mind, healing or artistic professions. - Evolve our skills in contact improvisation, authentic movement, improvisational dance and bodywork - Transform through a focused process that includes connecting with intention, identifying resources, letting go of unwanted patterns and beliefs, and envisioning & articulating specific goals - Explore the intersection of anatomical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes grounded in our bodies - Let go of tension patterns held in our bodies so that more freedom and expression can flow through each of us - Participate in rituals that open us to guidance from the greater field of life - Balance focused exploration with play, rest and integration time - Be met individually in our own unique process as well as support each person as an essential element of the group’s growth and evolution. We will focus deeply for 4 days followed by a day off for integration, rest and nature exploration and will repeat this 3 times. Each day of focus will have approximately 3 hour blocks in the morning and afternoon with a few scheduled evenings for sharing, jamming and other activities. Alicia Grayson and Sabine Parzer have known each other since 2008. They have collaborated both in teaching and performing together. For the last 4 years they have co-taught week-long intensives in Europe. This seminar is open to anyone with basic experience of movement, dance and/or bodywork and will be held in English. Organisation and registration: Rhizome Springs See also this festival at the same location three weeks before

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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