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Formless Archetypes Intensive

30.10.-03.11.2024 - 5 day Intensive

  • Beginnt am: 30. Okt.
  • €540.- / TT's €440.-
  • Alte Werkstatt, Lehnergasse 17, 3423 St. Andrä-Wördern, Austria

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Archetypes are instinctual patterns of behavior that have been operating like energetic blueprints for many generations. The Self, the Tree, the Witch, the Sorcerer, the Lovers, the Shadow, the Warrioress, and others, represent possibilities to encounter oneself on a personal, individual level. These potentials of power deepen, refine, and open up new parts in ourselves. Contrary to other approaches we will not "put on" the archetypes, but rather work with the practice of AM to let the archetypal qualities appear, inspire and expand our range of expression. We work with: • Different structures of Authentic Movement • Integration through artistic processes (transitiontime) • Integrative Contact Improvisation • Dancepedagogy doorways to enhance your movementvocabulary • Different touchqualities for relaxation and tonusregulation • Movementmeditation • enhancement of consciousness through the transformative, holistic process We dance in solo, duet, trio and group formations. Price: € 540.- / TT's € 440. (Advanced Teachers Training Module € 550.-) Overnight stay in the studio for € 15.- / per night possible. This seminar is open to everyone with basic experiences in movement, dance and/or bodywork. This module is also a part of the Advanced Teachers Training (Module Archetypes).

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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