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I speak dance

16.-20.04.2025 - 5 day Intensive

  • Beginnt am: 16. Apr. 2025
  • €540.- / TT's €440.-
  • Samdrubling, Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse, Wien, Österreich

Freie Plätze


Poetics, composition and use of language in dance. In this intensive we dedicate ourselves to articulation, composition and the use of body and language. We always start with the body, through dance, movement and touch we find our individual expression. Then there is the invitation to creative a flow with and through the spoken language, sometimes between free flowing, structured or written. We work with the elements of dance: body, space, time and force and include the full spectrum of compositional options. We also address our communication messages, both physical and linguistic, and how to be clear, accurate and non-judgmental to our dance partner and the group, in order to be creative with each other. - Language as a source of movement, movement as a source of language - writing/reading as inspiration of improvisational composition - compositional practices with elements of dance - recognizing and reflecting on conscious and unconscious messages through body and language - Practicing non-judgmental language and witnessing - Articulation, communication and the space in between - Poetics, magic and the special moment We practice solo, duet, trio and group forms. Price: € 540.- / TT's € 440.- (Advanced Teachers Training Module € 550.-) Overnight stay in the studio for €15.- / per night possible. This seminar is open to everyone with basic experiences in movement, dance and/or bodywork. This module is also a part of the Advanced Teachers Training (Language Module). (c) Chris Waikiki

Bevorstehende Sessions


  • Dzogchen Gemeinschaft Samdrubling, Wien, Friedrich-Kaiser-Gasse, Wien, Österreich


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