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Meeting Your Dancing Body

11.-13.10.2024 - Weekendworkshop - open for all

  • Beginnt am: 11. Okt.
  • €240,- / TT's €190,-
  • Prana Yoga Studio, Mariahilfer Str. 82, 1070 Wien, Austria

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Workshop with Sabine Müller Somatics, Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement Gathering yourself in and dancing out into the world: Meet your inner dancer. This workshop invites you to come into contact with yourself and others, to find your own dance and to experience the wholeness of body and psyche in a very immediate way. We will be moving with and between the contrary aspects of lightness and groundedness. In our being, our feeling and our movement, lightness arises from a deeply-anchored physical sensation of safety and support. Both these qualities have their place within us and complement each other - together they provide us with a tangible feeling of aliveness, abundance and pleasure. We will have plenty of time during this weekend to savour all these tastes from the Holistic Dance buffet: • Somatic perception and movement has its origins in the body as we experience it from within. It builds the foundation for arriving, presence and embodiment, and supports us in holistically regulating our nervous system. • Getting to know the elements of body, space, time and dynamics opens up a huge range of possibilities for improvisation, expression and creation – by yourself or in a group setting. • Hands-on bodywork allows for a tangible connection between us human beings and enables us to give and receive mindful touch within a clear framework. • Through Contact Improvisation, we enter into an improvised dance together. Apart from physical skills, we also practise contact, trust, courage, clarity and curiosity. • The practice of Authentic Movement connects us with our inner body and deeper layers of ourselves; it supports the integration between body, psyche and verbal expression. Welcome to your feeling, knowing, dancing body! This seminar is open for all participants. Price: € 240,- / TT's € 190,- (c) Nadia Meister

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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