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release.activate.connect - Hamburg

13.-15.09.2024 - Weekendworkshop - open for all

  • Beginnt am: 13. Sept.
  • €240,- bis €180,-
  • Triade, Bernstorffstr. 117, 22767 Hamburg, Germany

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release.activate.connect Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Somatics, Movement in Touch, Authentic Movement This workshop addresses our ability to be present with each breath, movement and connection, to dance in a state of deep release and immediate activation. Incorporating somatic principles, developmental movement and anatomical investigations with Improvisation, release.activate.connect allows us to connect to the mindfulness of our innate body wisdom. 
 Dancing works best when we allow ourselves to be soft and clear, in communication and connection to our own needs and others. Our goal in the improvisation is increased internal awareness, sensitivity, and connectivity that is available in the dance for self- referencing (anatomical/sensory) and connection, while dancing solo, with a partner or in group improvisations. We will work on: - Breath: first awaking impulse to connect and prepare - Qualities of Connection: how, when, who to connect with - Fascia: connectivity and interconnections - Spine: 3Dimensionality and access to the nervous system - Developmental Movement patterns: reconnecting and integrating the early stages - Presence: attention with self, others and space - Full bodied improvisation: articulation and expression - Risktaking and Boundaries: listening and expanding Open for all participants Price: € 240,- to € 180 / € 220 to € 155,- (Early bird price until 16.8.2024) Organiser & registration: Angela-Mara Florant (c) Chris Waikiki

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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