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Sensing & (Not) Seeing - Impulstanz

22.-26.7.2024 - open for all

  • Beginnt am: 22. Juli
  • see impulstanz
  • Arsenal Vienna, 1030 Vienna, Austria

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Eyes Closed Dance Composition - For all levels This workshop is an adventure into the land of (Not) Seeing. We will spend the majority of the workshop time either with eyes closed or seeing the (Not) Seeing. Exploring the in -depth compositional landscape from within and creating an unexpected sensorial composition without. When we close our eyes an immediate connection to an embodied self emerges, a relief from having to take in the outer impulses, an invitation to turn inward and sense, breath and connect with deeper layers of ourselves. The BodyMind becomes the all-encompassing compass for creating. How do we connect inward and create an external awareness of composition, solo, duet, trio and group. How do we train the dancers awareness to listen, follow, sense, intuit and trust the internal composition and the explicitly sensational outcome. We will: • Practice the art of sensing the inner body (soma) in connection • Inviting consciousness around the elements of dance with eyes closed • Inquiry of the physical language of (Not) Seeing • Inviting consciousness around the elements of dance with eyes closed • Defining and sharing artistic structural inputs in the challenge of (Not) Seeing • Dancing, expressing, composing, sounding and being the change for a more sensorial world This event takes place as part of the Impulstanz Festival Vienna: Week 2, 22.7.–26.7.2024 11:40–14:10 / XL Arsenal D Registration: (c) Nadja Meister

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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