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Tonus Awareness

24.-26.11.2023 - Weekendworkshop

  • Beginnt am 24. Nov.
  • €220,- / TT's €170,-
  • Prana Yoga Studio, 1070 Wien, Mariahilferstraße 82,

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In Contact Improvisation we are faced with the challenges of dancing with a body that is responsive, reflexive and sends clear messages. We need a mind that is awake and intuitive, and we thrive on subtle and reflexive communication. In my dancing I notice that I am most efficient at these challenges, when I am in a state of "released tonus - accute awareness". • Conscious breath and its effectiveness on movement qualities • Touch qualities and how it relates to our tonus • Accessing fascia and extending it into movement and contact • Relating to the threedimensional possibilities of the spine • Attending to the relationship between the pelvic and the shoulder girdle • Being in contact with my partner through different states of attention • Extending my range of motion and staying within my boundaries • Taking risk and staying calm Price: € 220,- / TT's € 170,- (c) Cristi Serban

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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