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valerie rüdiger


Valerie Rüdiger, born in Vienna in 1997, has been dancing since childhood age.

She tried out different dance styles during school, including Ballet, HipHop, Jazz Dance and ended up with Contemporary Dance where she likes to deepen her practice.

In 2020 Valerie received her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Since then she is studying Osteopathy in a Masterdegree. As a therapist Valerie is treating her patients with a holistic approach and works in a psychosomatic rehabilitation center in Klosterneuburg. There she offers art therapy in form of improvisational dance.

In 2023 she got the certificate of Sabine Parzer for the Holistic Dance Teachers Training. Since then she takes classes by Matan Levkowich in technique, improvisation and creation of Contemporary Dance.

Additionally she spends her time with partner acrobatics, improvisatheater and music. Valerie is a passionate mover herself and she likes to support people to find joy and transformation in movement!

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