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Holistic Dance Teachers Training Program (with Certificate)
with Sabine Parzer and Guest Teachers

The Holistic Dance Teachers Training is focused on the holistic aspects of dancing, moving and touching. Learning to perceive inner impulses, to express oneself in dance and to learn mindfulness in encounter are in the foreground.

The depth of our inner body (soma) and the flexibility of our outer body (physis) create a relationship to the self, the other and the greater whole. We explore our own process and learn to teach these experiences to other people. 

Transformation through Dance, Movement and Touch

  • Honoring yourself and your development 

  • Embodiment as a basis for professionalism

  • In depth study through physical, psychological and pedagogical processes

  • For people working in artistic, therapeutic, pedagogic, social, medicinal professions

This professional training is open to all, regardless of age, origin or background, and gender, with basic experience in movement and dance.



At least 1 year of movement- and selfexperience and participation in one open workshop or Informationworkshop of the Holistic Dance Institute.

10 Modules in 18 months (32 days)


With a constant group in the studio and in nature

● Modul 1-9: either 2,5, or 3,5 days in Vienna, Austria

● Module 10: 5 days in nature

6 Modules condensed Version in 9 months (31 days)

With a constant group in the studio and in nature

  • Modules 1-5: each 5 days in Berlin, Germany

  • Module 6: 6 days in nature

Modul 1

Moving From Within

Introduction Workshop

Experiencing moving and dancing from inner impulses, finding pathways inside the body and relating to others with an inner guideline. Exploring a range of touch qualities in stillness and while moving. Creating and devising an outline for a timetable of self exploration for the course of the training program. (Self-assessment, process evaluation, goal setting). Beginning group ritual and arriving. 


Basic elements of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Improvisation and Bodywork

Modul 2

Qualities of Dance and Bodysystems

Basic contemporary dance improvisation: Time, Space, Body and Force. Moving and touching with different qualities. Exploring body systems: muscles, bones, joints, fluids, organs; differentiating qualities of movement within the body systems and their relationship to our expression. Finding different qualities of relating to each other through space, time and touch. We will investigate our individual alignment, internal body image and favoured movement qualities. 


Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Bodywork


Modul 3

Authentic Movement Plus (1)

An intensive focusing on authentic movement and its variable structures, allowing to move into the depth of the experience and integrating the unknown. Getting to know the basic structure, one on one, and its variations, i.e. such as breathing circles, long circles, speaking and moving witness. We will give feedback and go into processing through moving, voicing, and drawing. 


Authentic Movement, Bodywork and Improvisation

Modul 4

Contact Improvisation Skills

An intensive focusing on the physical and energetic skills of contact improvisation: rollingpoint, weightsharing, centering, supporting, lifting, flying. We will explore the techniques of lifting and being lifted, falling, landing, rolling, and sliding. How do we begin a dance and how do we end one? What’s it like to open up the duet form into trio, quartet and a group. We will incorporate the experiences of the previous workshops (qualities, touch, authentic movement) to move into the adventure of contact improvisation. 


Contact Improvisation, Improvisation

Modul 5 

Applied Anatomy and Feldenkrais® based Bodywork 

Experiencing anatomy from within and translating it into movement, learning through looking at and then moving from sensing (through our seven senses) into our own individual anatomy and its own specific capacities. Feldenkrais® based bodywork and Awareness through Movement (ATM’s) exercises will help us find a new definition and a hands-on experience of our own body. 


Basic Anatomy, Improvisation, Bodywork

Modul 6 

Authentic Movement Plus (2) 

A second intensive to ride the devil from within...and fly amongst the eagles...and touch the earth and feel her worth... In addition to going into the depth of the experience, we will explore ways of going into authentic movement in working with a clientele that has little or no access to such a movement method; we will share our experiences from the peer group, and assess a half way point through the training (redefining exploration goal). 

Authentic Movement, Bodywork, Improvisation 

Modul 7 

Contact Improvisation Intensive

Improvisational Scores and Performance

Deepening our skills of going in and out of touch, finding the small dance, following and redefining group dynamics (trios, quartet, group); exploring and creating new improvisational scores; exploring different spaces (outside and inside the studio, public and private) and how they affect our movement and touch qualities. How do we shift into a performance quality and how do we stay connected to our inner witness and internal impulses? What does it take to create an interesting dance? 

Contact Improvisation, Improvisation 


Modul 8 

Mystery Workshop

All the methods


Modul 9 

Teaching Principles - Working with different clientel

This workshop focuses on the many ways of teaching the material to different clientele: i.e. dancers, artists, people of different professions, children, people with different physical and mental abilities, in specific social contexts. We will share and evaluate our teaching experiences and create teaching labs with specific points of interests, incorporating all or specifically one of the methods. 


All the methods

Modul 10 

Dancing & Celebrating

5 Day Retreat (Outdoors - optional if possible)

Experiencing the depth and wisdom of our bodies: alone, with a partner, with the group, in nature (if possible). We will go full circle from the beginning, through the middle into the future. We will share our journals (as much as you desire), evaluate our process individually and as a group and newly define a goal for yourself as a teacher (next steps, long term plan). Together we will capture what we have learned, celebrate and dance our butts off for the sake of being together in the here and now. No better place to do this than in nature with fully embodied bodies. 


Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Improvisation, Awareness through Movement, Dance in Nature, Group Ritual



To receive a certificate from The Holistic Dance Institute you need to:

  • Participate in all 10 workshops. 

  • Participate in a self-organized authentic movement peer group for the duration of the training which meets at least 9 times. 

  • Hold and protocol self-organized teaching workshops or courses of at least 25 hours of teaching in any or a mixture of the taught methods of the training. And write two protocols (2 pages per protocol).

  • Fulfill a consultation of an acknowledged psychotherapist or supervisor at least two times during the training program 

  • Keep a moving journal for the duration of the training program 



To have a basic understanding and/or experience in some of the following: movement based exploration methods, such as contemporary dance, authentic movement, contact improvisation, body based psychotherapy or psychology, material arts such as aikido, tai chi or yoga and/ or bodywork such as Feldenkrais®, Alexander® or other. Participants should have a strong wish to go into depth with the following methods: Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais® based bodywork, and Contemporary Improvisation. 



As a certified teacher of holistic dance- and movementpedagogy you can:

  • Teach Holistic Dance workshops and Single Sessions according to your own assessment and within your own responsibility with the forms of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Somatics and Ecosomatics. 

  • Integrate any of the experiences and teachings into your own method of work or profession. 

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