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Holistic Dance Sabine Parzer_Methoden



Holistic Dance is an invitation to transformation through dance, movement and touch. Holistic Dance creates a connection between the inside (soma) and the outside (physis). We can experience lightness in depth, connectedness and healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

We work with a dynamic, cross-method approach from dance pedagogical, dance- and body therapeutic, systemic and holistic methods. 


Authentic Movement Plus, Integrative Contact Improvisation, Somatics & Applied Anatomy, Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Ecosomatics and many other elements can be found in this approach.


Authentic Movement Plus

Authentic Movement (AM) is a method originated from dance therapy used in holistic dance pedagogy and psychotherapy as well as in artistic processes. It offers insights and experiences into deep layers of the inner body (Soma) and psyche, new expressions and abilities for the physical body (Physis) and the explorations and integration of its interconnections.

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Contemporary Dance Improvisation

In Contemporay Dance Improvisation we learn, play and research with the elements of dance. In solo, duet, trio or group settings (scores) we acquire the basic tools of dance, which allow us a playful approach to expression, freedom in movement, creativity and design. We improvise with different parts of ourselves, the body, its connections to space, time and force. We pay tribute to the present moment and its stories, which can find expression with abstract, artistic, archetypal, psychosomatic, personal and political content.

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Intergrative Contact Improvisation

Integrative Contact Improvisation is a mindful form of contact improvisation that focuses on the healing, emotionally connecting elements in dancing. We play, research and test our physical and emotional boundaries in a setting where vulnerability, connection and encounter have as much room as physicality, wildness and artistic expression. Kinesthetic empathy, self-responsibility, touch qualities and principles of movement are core elements of Integrative Contact Improvisation.



The soma, a Greek word, means "living body" or "the body that is perceived from within". In Somatics we work with approaches from different body-therapeutic methods to give this living body and its sensations, perceptions and experiences space to unfold and express themselves.  In the practice of Somatics and Applied Anatomy, a dialogue between inside and outside, between psyche and body, between being and doing is created. We learn to learn in a different way, to become pain-free, to experience lightness in movement and dance, to work more efficiently in everyday life and to be in the here and now with more joy of life and expressiveness.


Somatics & Applied Anatomy

Ecosomatics is an emerging interdisciplinary pioneer field in the USA and Europe, that has been growing since 2007.  It connects and interweaves ecological consciousness, sustainability, dance and performing arts, body- and psychotherapy. The practice of ecosomatics has a healing effect on the connection between mind, body, and earth by encouraging direct sensory perception of one’s body both in the natural environment and as the natural environment.

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