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Blog: The Feminine (or the unholy Trinity by Jung Part1)

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Feminity where are you? In my body, in my soul, on the blossoms of the little flower by my window? How do I know it’s you and not some concept of what you are supposed to be? How do I know it’s you, my personal feminine power and not some socialized version of what I see in the media? How do I recognize myself in you? Yes I have been longing to be more of you. Femininity for me is sensibility, receptivity, acceptance of what is, being and holding a container. Femininity can also mean standing my ground, protecting myself and loved ones, feeding and nurturing, saying no to unhealthy influences and making sound decisions. When I feel truly feminine I let down my guard, let go of control and let spirit move me, it is then, that I feel I become a vessel. For many women, including myself, the search for femininity, has been through trying to fulfill or copy certain images generated by the entertainment and fashion industry. But what else is there? Is there something like an Authentic Feminine Self? An embodied femininity, a powerful, independent, yet subtle and receptive way of being in my feminine body in this world? A self-defined version of myself, that includes all aspects of being a woman? The ugly, the wild, the pretty, the sweet, the nurturing, the bitchy, the elusive, the creative, the loving? And isn’t femininity all of that all at the same time? An oscillating internal state rather than a fashion statement? Opening to the feminine is not restricted to women at all. I have encountered many men in search of the feminine, incorporating and integrating their receptive and nurturing sides. Many men who dance and are on the path of a holistic embodiment, beautifully combine their masculine and feminine qualities. It is my believe that we need more femininity, beauty and sensibility in this world to balance the dominance of masculine powers and its abuses. Expression of masculinity in it of it itself not being a bad thing at all, but it’s about the balance. And about the listening.

C.G. Jung has defined a concept of the unholy trinity, a triangle made of the feminine, the body and the shadow. A triangle opposed to the holy trinity (father, son and holy spirit). Now my entirely unholy account of what I perceive this triangle to be is based on what I see and experience when moving and witnessing. While being in touch and touching. While listening and doing. Femininity is the first part of it, the receptivity, the container, the vessel, the opening and the flower.

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