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The Practice of Presence

09.-11.05.2025 - Weekendworkshop

  • Beginnt am: 9. Mai 2025
  • €240,- / TT's €190,-
  • Prana Yoga Studio, Mariahilfer Str. 82, 1070 Wien, Austria

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Workshop with Sabine Müller Dance improvisation & performative practices Being here. In your body. In this room. In this group. Experiencing the moment and sharing it directly through dance. How does it feel to really be here? Opening our senses, we become available to ourselves, to perception, inspiration, transformation, evolvement, encounters. What is true now? Our body and our awareness serve as our home base and as our instruments at the same time. Everything that is immediately present can become our material, our toy, for improvisation. There is always something here, the material is infinite. An arm, a door, a stumbling step, an intersection, a sense of longing, a smile. Nothing special. And yet all of this may become meaningful because we give it our attention. What does it mean for you to dance and create? When we are connected to ourselves in our bodies, we are somatically rooted - each of us individually and all of us as an ensemble. These roots allow us to move into creating, playing and composing the moment. Dance is a fleeting form, but through our presence, we can fully experience this point in time and space and make a choice: In this abundance of possibilities, what emerges? What do we choose to express? Performative practice as an exploration of our embodied reality becoming visible and shareable. Workshop contents: ● Honing your awareness of body and movement, expanding your movement vocabulary ● The elements of space, time, rhythm, dynamics and interaction as tools for creative freedom ● "Scores": rules, structures, ideas for composition ● Researching and exploring in solo and group settings ● Making decisions: Where do I put my focus, what do I engage with? What am I telling through my body and movement (and why)? ● Reflection and exchange; seeing and being seen as part of the shared practice ● Discoveries, the new, the familiar, upheavals, question marks, joy, flow! open for everyone with some experience in contemporary dance, improvisation and / or performance Price: € 240,- / TT's € 190,- (c) Daniel Kerbler

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Kirchenweg 9, 3423 Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Österreich

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