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In my Single Sessions I accompany you with touch, movement and dialog. 

My goals are to create awareness, release and connectivity  in body and psyche, to accompany learning processes at work and in relationships, to support topics around your everyday life.

I work with the methods of Systemic and Integrative Movement® (an extended Feldenkrais method), ZenBodytherapy ® and with elements from many other touch methods such as Shiatsu, visionary craniosacral work, Rosen Method etc. There is also the possibility to book Single Sessions in Authentic Movement, as well as Holistic Dance Supervisions online. 

   Fields of application:

  • Improvements in the musculoskeletal system and muscle tension

  • Breathing problems

  • mental and physical stress states

  • Birth Preparation

  • Body awareness training

  • as support for therapy in neurological diseases (e.g. Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis)

  • to support the artistic process (dance, theater, music, visual arts etc.)