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In my Single Sessions I accompany you with touch, movement and dialog. 

My goals are to create awareness, release and connectivity  in body and psyche, to accompany learning processes at work and in relationships, to support topics around your everyday life.

The awareness of the interconnectivity of body systems, soul elements, personal, collective and spiritual issues is in the foreground of the single session. I accompany you with it in your individual process. Each treatment is preceded by a conversation to clarify your concerns. Then I accompany you with my hands and with movement instructions.


Body, psyche, art, sustainability, healing and spirituality form a holistic, multidimensional unity, which we can encounter by deepening through the body. Somatic, energetic, spiritual and artistic levels can be addressed individually or as a whole. I accompany you with the following approaches depending on your desire:



- Systemic and Integrative Movement Therapy® (an extended Feldenkrais method).

- ZenBodytherapy® (combination of Rolfing, Feldenkrais and Zazen mediation)

- Visionary Cranio Sacral Work

- elements from Shiatsu, Rosen Method, Fascia Work, Body Mind Centering and much more


Holistic Dance

- Authentic Movement Plus



- Teachers Training Supervision

- Systemic, holistic consulting

- Constellation Work

   Fields of application:

  • Improvements in the musculoskeletal system and muscle tension

  • body awareness training

  • mental and physical stress

    • headaches and migraines

    • breathing problems

    • burn-out prevention and rehabilitation

  • as support for the therapy of neurological diseases

  • as support in the artistic process

  • improving quality of life in work and relationships

  • finding and manifesting vocation

Appointments with Sabine Parzer can be made directly at

I felt deeply accepted....


... so that something very old could heal. I still get a warm feeling in my heart when I think about it.



Grinberg Practitioner

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