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The Holistic Dance Teachers Training is focused on the holistic aspects of dancing, moving and touching.

Learning to perceive inner impulses, to express oneself in dance and to learn mindfulness in encounter are in the foreground.

The depth of our inner body (soma) and the flexibility of our outer body (physis) create a relationship to the self, the other and the greater whole. We explore our own process and learn to teach these experiences to other people.

This professional training is open to all, regardless of age, origin or background, and gender, with basic experience in movement and dance. 

Prerequisite: at least 1 year of movement and self-reflection practise, participation in an open workshop or informationworkshop.

Transformation through Dance, Movement and Touch

  • Honoring yourself and your development 

  • Embodiment as a basis for professionalism

  • In depth study through physical, psychological and pedagogical processes

  • For people working in artistic, therapeutic, pedagogic, social, medicinal professions